The Eastern Missouri Dark Sky Observers (EMDSO), in coordination with East Central College (ECC) in Union, Missouri, has begun a fundraising campaign to replace an existing 20-year-old astronomical observatory on the campus of East Central College in Union, Missouri.  EMDSO is a 501(c)(3) organization of amateur astronomers devoted to the advancement of astronomy in central eastern Missouri.

The existing observatory at ECC can not meet the needs of current public outreach or education.  EMDSO has proposed a new modern building to provide a small classroom and house a donated 12” Schmidt Cassegrain telescope with an astronomical imaging camera and a remote controlled observatory dome.  The design will allow deep sky objects to be viewed on computer screens by groups in the classroom or at remote locations via internet access.

The completed observatory will be used for outreach programs to the general public and will be available as an extension to the science department at East Central College.  EMDSO would appreciate your financial support to help us expand the knowledge of astronomy in our area.

Information concerning donations to the project may be obtained at:

Eastern Missouri Dark Sky Observers

c/o Raymond Mueller – Treasurer

2306 Betony Ct

Washington Mo. 63090