The Eastern Missouri Dark Sky Observers (EMDSO), in coordination with Cedar Creek in New Haven, Missouri, have been working to reinstall the Big Blue 30 inch telescope in an accessable location to better utilize it as an education tool in teaching and sharing our love of astronomy. Cedar Creek offered a unique partnership to provide EMDSO with a secure facility to house and use the observatory, and to provide Cedar Creek with another activity and resource for their guests.

The original 30" observatory was dismantled and as much material salvaged as possible. Improvements were made to the original design to provide for better security, appearance, and useability. The new site will be handicap accessible, and allow handicap observing with a video eyepiece.

The completed observatory will be used for outreach programs to the general public and will be available to Cedar Creek as an extension to their fantastic property for their overnight guests.

Information about our completion of the project will be coming soon.

The following image was taken June 30, 2019